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How to use Chalk Paint

Chalk painting will be the easiest and most enjoyable painting you have ever done! 

Clean your piece (furniture, lamp, picture frame, etc) to remove dust and grime.  Soap and water with a damp rag will do just fine. 

Distress (if you would like)

How to use our Clear Coat

​​Dixie Belle Clear Coat is water resistant and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner after only 7 days! 

Allow your last coat of chalk paint to dry
Simply brush an even layer of clear coat
For an extra layer of protection, simply add another coat of our clear coat in an hour


Dixie Belle Paint is very thick and a little goes a long way.  The longer the lid stays off, the thicker it will get.  If you'd like it thinner, no worries, just add a little water and stir.  Add too much water?  No worries, just leave lid off and it will thicken up.  Whatever consistency you desire, Dixie Belle Paint will work for you!

Distress a little too much for your taste?  That's okay!  Just paint right over that area and start again!

Most pieces will take one to two coats for full coverage.  Sometimes, after the first coat dries it will look blotchy.  Don't freak out!  After the second coat, it will be beautiful!

Sometimes you will see brushstrokes, don't worry, as the paint dries, they will disappear.

How to Use